Art Classes for Children


Centrally located in Vaudreuil near

Hudson, St. Lazare & Rigaud


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About Our Studio

Hunt Art Studio focuses on teaching art so students learn to appreciate and understand the world of art.

As qualified and experienced art teachers we teach students the practical techniques and skills that are necessary to express themselves creatively.

We provide the resources and environment to young students that will encourage them to explore a variety of art processes and materials.

The art studio venue is also a fun and social place to meet others who share an interest in art.

Our classes and workshops will be restarting in Autumn 2023, and the schedule will be posted soon.

We look forward to meeting you.

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AGE 7 TO 15 yrs. old

In a professional learning environment children/teenagers will learn; drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and work in clay.

They will experiment with a variety of art materials, techniques, and processes.

Children will create original artworks and learn some basic principles and elements of design in art.

They will draw inspiration from art history, nature, life, and themselves. Creativity, self-expression, skills, and lots of fun will be gained from their experience exploring the art process.

All classes will be taught by an art teacher with a Bachelor’s degree in  Fine Arts

Happy Students


Best art class in town! Thank you for making it accessible to our kids!

Inga Laurenceau